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Beyond expectations, cut faster with ease

- Powerful 500W motor high performance in cutting speed and quality

- Faster and easier blade change with SDS system

- Optimised cutting results in various materials

- Pendulum function for faster cuts and aids in cutting hard materials

- Compatible with Bosch vacuum cleaner in combination with dust cover design

Bosch GST 700 Professional Jigsaw

SKU: 46873743RBCOC478700
₱3,895.00 Regular Price
₱3,300.00Sale Price
  • Rated Power Input: 500 W

    No Load Stroke Rate: 1,450-3,200 spm

    Stroke Length: 20 mm

    Cutting Depth in Wood: 70 mm

    Cutting Depth in Aluminum: 10 mm

    Cutting Depth in Non-alloyed Steel: 6 mm

    Weight: 2.1 kgs.

  • 6 Months Warranty


    WARRANTY PERIOD for BOSCH POWER TOOLS for both parts and labor is limited to SIX (6) months from the date of purchase.



    ONLY authorized BOSCH Service Centers / Dealers and Certified BOSCH Service Technicians are allowed to repair BOSCH Power Tools. Any repairs and defect resulting from such repairs, tampering, alterations, modifications, additions and / or deletions done by unauthorized BOSCH Service Centers / Dealers or non-certified BOSCH Service Technicians will VOID this warranty coverage.


    In the event of any defect, malfunction or failure to conform to the written warranty, Robert Bosch Phils. (RBPH) will:


    • Repair or remedy said Bosch Power Tool within reasonable time and without charge to the consumer except for consumable and wear and tear parts such as carbon brush, bearing, chuck, power cable, gaskets, o-ring, oil seal, screw, bolt, sanding plate, and batteries.

    • At the option of the consumer, refund or replace without charge of the said Bosch Power Tools or any of its part, as the case maybe, where after reasonable number of attempts to remedy the defect or malfunction.


    • ROBERT BOSCH PHILS. (RBPH) will not be required to perform the above duties in case of any of the following:


    • Use of NON-GENUINE Parts – replacements, fake spare parts and not in accordance with the Operation Instruction Manual
    • Use in NON-STANDARD Condition – Abnormal and improper electrical voltage application including electrical power surge, overloading and abuse usage of tool

    • Normal noise, vibration, wear, tear and deterioration such as discoloration, fading, deformation, blurring of the tool

    • Environmental and external damage such as wind, storm, lightning or other environmental conditions

    • Full particulars are not clearly provided or alterations made against the actual information provided such as alteration of date of purchase, serial numbers and the like



    Consumer must bring the product to any authorized BOSCH Service Center within the warranty period accompanied by the warranty card and proof of purchase such as invoice or official receipt


    More Warranty Information and Authorized Service Centers are found in the warranty card provided.



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